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In Memory

James (Jim) Neithercott

James (Jim) Neithercott

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01/29/15 09:35 PM #1    

David Williams

I liked Jim; I liked him a lot and admired his easygoing style. He was one of the first friends I made when we all transitioned from our individual elementary schools to CR in the seventh grade. What I'm about to say sounds like a lyric from Glory Days, but what the hey. After finishing Ohio State and returning to Bucks I ran into him at the Spread Eagle. I was walking in and he was walking out so we caught up over a cheese steak and a couple Schaefers. Jim offered me a day's work assisting him prune trees and since I was unemployed, in between graduation and starting a career, I jumped at the opportunity. Some loggers, the chain saw had a hiccup and we wound up putting a branch through a window! I declined payment but stand-up Jim insisted and in the end between covering me and paying to have the window repaired he lost money on the job. By the late 80s I lost all contact with the class. So when I saw his name on the deceased roster I consulted Google and learned Jim had been through a rough time. I discovered he became paraplegic secondary to a spinal cord injury; OTOH, mobility restrictions notwithstanding, he flew lighter than air aircraft. Cool. Going with the Springsteen metaphor, I'd like to have the opportunity to hoist a couple cold ones with Jim at the Spread and tell boring stories of ... Glory Days.


02/04/15 02:40 AM #2    

Barb Jerrom (Topham)

Thank you, David Williams, for the tribute to Jim, also fondly known as "Neithercott"!!!!   He deserved a special  friend like you.  His sense of humor and big smile will never be forgotten.

03/31/15 06:49 PM #3    

Patricia Gealer (Traister)

Tim and I were both fortunate to have maintained our life-long friendships with Jim since high school.   (I often tease Tim that Jim was my friend FIRST)   In fact, it was because of our individual friendships that Tim and I came to know one another well and to marry. 

Jim's accident happened just a month before he was to be Tim's Best Man in 1981. 

Even though he was paralyzed from the waist down, Jim was able to return to college and get his Accounting degree which allowed him to work as a Tax Accountant.  He was an accomplished wood carver,  and made many, many beautiful canes and knife handles as well as the knives themselves.  

Jim and his wife Dusty had a beautiful daughter Megan, in 1983.  (She and our son Tim frequently refer to one another  as  "cousins".)   Megan was married nearly two years ago to a wonderful young man named Bill, and Tim - as her Godfather, was proud and honored to give her away on behalf of her father.

It was the concomitant effects of his paralysis that took Jim away from us way too young.  Tim and I think of him, and speak of him, often and with great affection.

Patty & Tim Traister

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